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[VideoGamer] News: A Redditor has made DayZ in Minecraft

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News: A Redditor has made DayZ in Minecraft

It took three years.                            It's taken three years, but Redditor Criand has now recreated the Chernarus map from Arma II/DayZ in Minecraft, and added in the gameplay mechanics to make, essentially, DayZ in Minecraft.In MCZ you scavenge for resources, use guns, and contend against the survival mechanics of DayZ, all on a faithful, if blocky recreation of the Chenarus map. You spawn in with nothing but antibiotics and a bandage. It's pretty amazing. You can check out a gallery of images here.MCZ is playable right now, so you can head over to the Subreddit to learn more and get involved. The game's server is now completely open to all players. Read More »


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