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[VideoGamer] Review: Antihero review

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Review: Antihero review

Oliver twists the knife                            Antihero is a small, elegantly formed strategy game, played like a board game set in Victorian London. As a master thief, you must get five victory points quicker than your opponent — these are won with various nefariousness, including assassinations, taking over churches, or blackmail — and bring to bear all the members of your delightfully drawn gang of ne'er-do-wells. All can play their part, depending on what kind of thief you prefer to be: an urchin will occupy useful buildings; an assassin will kill a target in one blow; a saboteur will trap a building; a gang will take out enemy goons.Antihero has a wonderful and cohesive design, so if you look at anything from the game, even a lone building, you'd know where it came from. The randomly generated map, initially concealed in a fog of war that your master thief must dispel by scouting, is made up of districts with names like Halftruth Way and Vicious Wren and Widow's End, which sound like they could feasibly be actual places in London, whilst your three skill trees are Skullduggery, Sneakery and Stabbery. It's all so fabulously, winkingly Dickensian.In the brief single player, you're introduced to the tricks of the trade: gold is the currency you need to buy units, while lanterns are used to open up your skill trees, but a successful thief needs both. But the real fun is online. It would, perhaps, be nice if the map were a little bigger, and there were more modes than 1v1 — there's actually a scenario in the single player that offers a glimpse of how a four person game could play out…Read More »


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