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[VideoGamer] News: Rogue Trooper Redux is coming out in October

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News: Rogue Trooper Redux is coming out in October

So what’s a redux? It’s like a remix.                            Rebellion has announced that Rogue Trooper Redux will come out on October 17, priced at £19.99. It will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms first with a Nintendo Switch version due soon after.Rogue Trooper was initially released in 2006, based on the 2000 AD comic. Rebellion has said there’ll be numerous upgrades over the original version, with the weapons, characters and vehicles remodeled. There’ll also be remastered cutscenes, new lighting effects and graphical improvements to the level geometry.The trailer below gives you a good overview of the changes made from the original and shows the work Rebellion has done to improve the visuals for Rogue Trooper Redux. Rebellion is the rights holder for 2000 AD, and has recently announced that it plans to open up the IP (which includes Judge Dredd, Tharg the Mighty and Sláine) to other developers.Read More »


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