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[VideoGamer] News: River City Ransom: Underground pulled from Steam, dev clarifies situation

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News: River City Ransom: Underground pulled from Steam, dev clarifies situation

Can’t we all just get along?                            Conatus Creative, the developer of River City Ransom: Underground has responded to the delisting of its game from Steam, a result of a DMCA (digital millennium copyright act) strike filed by co-composer Alex Mauer. Mauer has said that Conatus Creative doesn’t have the rights to use the music she created, although she worked with the game’s developers and composers. She claims she didn’t give permission for the use of her music. So, Conatus Creative are changing it all and moving on.The Conatus Creative’s founder Daniel Crenna has chimed in with his say on the matter, in a Steam Community Page post, stating, ‘Let me make it absolutely clear – Alex Mauer’s claim that the game violates her copyright is false. She is a co-creator of the music, with Dino Lionetti and Rich Vreeland’. Crenna goes onto say that as an independent developer, Conatus Creative lack the funding required for such a long legal process, but that it did pay her, ‘when Rich offered to pay Alex an equal share of the music fee for her contribution to the game soundtrack, she emailed back: “oh that's awesome man i'm all for it thanks!†Rich has shown us the documentation that Alex was paid in full’.Read More »


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