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[VideoGamer] Review: Serial Cleaner review

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Review: Serial Cleaner review

Blood on someone else's hands. And carpet.                            There's a lot to like about Serial Cleaner. It's kind of like Viscera Cleanup Detail, but 2D and really 70s. It's got music with a funky bassline, and that kind of orange/brown/purple colour palette that still graces the living room of the old boy who lives down the road, so right off the bat you're bobbing your head going 'Yeah, I can dig this.'There's obvious influence from both slasher and crime films, and Serial Cleaner goes as far as having not only unlockable outfits inspired by films (so you can do the whole thing dressed as Alex from A Clockwork Orange), but also bonus levels, including a Star Wars-esque cantina. These help to flesh out the game alongside what is a relatively short single player story, though you have to find hidden film stock in the story levels to unlock the bonus ones in the first place.In the story, you're living in a two bedroom suburban bungalow with your mum, and a dog house but no other evidence of a dog, and racking up debt gambling with a mobster, so he starts calling in favours. You become the Cleaner, disappearing evidence from crime scenes with a hoover, some body bags, and the ability to instantly hide in any nearby plant pots or cupboards should a policeman spot you. Read More »


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