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[VideoGamer] News: Hitman’s final Elusive Target The Entertainer arrives in Marrakech tomorrow

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News: Hitman’s final Elusive Target The Entertainer arrives in Marrakech tomorrow

Be patient and stop your giggling.                            Hitman’s Season One is finally wrapping up, but there's still time for one more Elusive Target. The 26th and final Elusive Target for Season One is set in Marrakech, and has you hunting down The Entertainer. It will be available to play on July 14. Why, that's tomorrow!The target this time is called The Entertainer, aka Mr Giggles, and you'll find him in the bonus mission A House Built on Sand. As Agent 47, you’ve two objectives to complete: Eliminate Mr Giggles, and then locate and acquire his client list. This Elusive Target will be available for ten days from tomorrow. Remember that an Elusive Target cannot be restarted once any targets have been eliminated or any objectives have been completed. Those of you who complete this final Elusive Target contract will receive the Summer Suit with Gloves. If this is your first Elusive Target contract completed with the Silent Assassin rank, you’ll also receive the Terminus Suit. Earning the Silent Assassin rating on the mission will also count towards your progress for unlocking the Winter Suit. However, you’ll only be able to unlock the Winter Suit if you’ve already achieved four Silent Assassin ratings from the previous 12 Elusive Targets. Even though this signals the end of the season, IO Interactive are continuing to work on the game, with another new update planned for later this month. There’ll also be new challenges added in the August Content Schedule, so for more info head over to the Hitman site.Read More »


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