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[VideoGamer] News: Check out the amazing Dark Souls cake that just won a gaming bake-off

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News: Check out the amazing Dark Souls cake that just won a gaming bake-off

Make friends, eat cake                            In Brighton, at this very moment in time, the game dev community is coming together at Develop, to share experiences, info and ideas about games. A great time to be inspired by like-minded folks. But also in Brighton for the very first time, Gamerbake, the friendliest cooking themed gaming event in the world, held a bake-off competition. The theme for the Brighton even was ‘My Favourite Game’, and the results were outstanding.The winner this time around was a lady named Leanne Bayley, from We Heart Dragons, with her Dark Souls inspired masterpiece. It truly is a majestic creation, with a decidedly sweet take on the despair of Lordran and I am gutted I have missed out on a piece.There were so many delicious, calorie-stuffed sweet treats on show that it should be illegal. From PacMan themed chocolate chip cookies, to Kingdom Hearts cakes and many more, this was not only a celebration of cake, but a celebration of games.Read More »


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