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[VideoGamer] News: The Escapists 2 has almost broken free with a launch date for August

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News: The Escapists 2 has almost broken free with a launch date for August

I’ve got to break free!                            Team 17 has announced that the sequel to the popular sandbox prison-escape game The Escapists will be launching on August 22. The Escapists 2 is taking the experience even further, with drop in/drop out play for up to four players in online or local play. Escaping prison obviously won’t be easy. You have to work around prison schedules and avoid the guards, craft weapons and tools, engage in prison brawls, and perform ‘favours’ for your fellow inmates, all while looking for escape routes..The Escapists 2 looks to build on the foundations of the first game, by giving you plenty of new features to keep you focused on the task at hand. Which is obviously getting out of Sing-Sing. There's a dedicated tutorial showing new players the basics of prison life, and the game’s mechanics.The new online and local multiplayer experience changes how you approach your escape plans — or maybe you'll just drop into a game and steal the glory of escape from one of your buddies instead. You can even customise your convict with over 300 customisations, in your quest for ubiquity, no doubt.Read More »


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