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[VideoGamer] Preview: Rebellion's Strange Brigade was the surprise of E3

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Preview: Rebellion's Strange Brigade was the surprise of E3

I want my mummy.                            The Strange Brigade arrived quite unexpectedly (as is their way), a secret group of easily disavowed civil servants in a four player shooter that was announced just a few short weeks before E3, and showed up there with a playable build to boot. After spending some time with Strange Brigade it became the surprise of the show, because I liked it a lot. I wasn't expecting to, because I'm not a massive fan of a) wave shooters or b) British colonialism, but luckily Rebellion's latest certainly has more than that going for it.Strange Brigade is, I was told by Rebellion's head of creative Tim Jones, a chance for the team to let their hair down after working on more serious games like Sniper Elite — not that they don't love Sniper Elite, of course — but with Strange Brigade they can go 'a bit more arcadey' and have some fun.Strange Brigade is being written by Gordon Rennie, whose CV includes a lot of work writing 2000 AD comics (including stories for those comics' most famous son, Judge Dredd). It was Rennie who wrote Rogue Trooper, Rebellion's shooter based on the 2000 AD comic of the same name. The writing is what gives the game its tone, chiefly carried by the bombast of the narrator. Jones says the intention is to poke fun at the conventions and ideas of the British Empire, and the Saturday morning adventure serials about men with open-necked shirts sweating their way through jungles — an intention we can but hope is kept up through the whole game.Read More »


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