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[VideoGamer] News: Oculus Rift & Touch bundle receives another price drop to £399, for a limited time

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News: Oculus Rift & Touch bundle receives another price drop to £399, for a limited time

For those ‘sitting on the sideline because of price’.                            As part of its Summer of Rift, a celebration of the VR community, Oculus has dropped the price of the Oculus Rift & the Touch controller even further to £399 (for a limited time). Announcing the price drop on its Blog, Oculus is also offering huge discounts on some Oculus games as well.Released at a frankly eye-watering £599, the Oculus Rift has now seen its second price drop in almost as many months. The Oculus Touch controller cost £190 on its release, but this too has seen steady price drops to £99. Oculus VP of content Jason Rubin has clarified that these drops don't mean the Oculus will soon be obsolete, saying, ‘Somebody who goes out and buys a Rift [on sale] is not going to find themselves with hardware that’s outdated any time soon,†he says. “The Rift is going to be driving a lot of enjoyment for people for many years’.Alongside the Oculus Rift & Touch bundle, there are some decent game discounts, with up to 60% off on 30+ titles across Rift and Gear VR. This includes the likes of Superhot VR, The Climb and The Unspoken being reduced as part of the Daily Deals.Read More »


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