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[VideoGamer] News: Capcom drops 22 minutes of Monster Hunter World gameplay

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News: Capcom drops 22 minutes of Monster Hunter World gameplay

The hunt for a mighty Anjanath commences!                            Capcom is looking to make some big changes to Monster Hunter’s notoriously tough gameplay in their multiple platform release of Monster Hunter World when it launches next year. As seen in this newly released gameplay video, narrated with a lovely British accent, the video shows some of the steps Capcom is taking to appeal to more of a mainstream audience.On first impressions, the game world is much bigger and far more detailed than ever before. Capcom has introduced Scout flies, that can help you track monsters. Changes like this help focus the game more than the aimless wandering around that afflicted previous Monster Hunter games. Monster Hunter World has a much more dynamic ecosystem than seen before in the franchise’s history, one where you’ll see monsters and wildlife interact with each other in a more believable way. Early on in the gameplay demo you’ll see the Great Jagrass that can swallow other creatures whole and later on in its den, another large regurgitating beast. The game also introduces new environmental hazards that allow you to use the landscape to track and mount your prey. Through careful planning you can use trees and other foliage to impede or injure your prey. Cue multiple QTEs (quick time events), which actually do look good to be fair.Read More »


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