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[IGN] Ex-BioShock Devs Announce City of Brass

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Ex-BioShock Devs Announce City of Brass

The first-person rogue-lite from Uppercut Games is coming to PC this fall, and PS4 and Xbox in 2018.      A new first-person rogue-lite called City of Brass is in the works from developer Uppercut Games.Players will explore a dangerous Arabian Nights-themed city and complete procedurally generated quests in the hopes of reaching the city's biggest treasures. Check out the announcement trailer below:Players will need to avoid plenty of traps and enemies along the way, as well as seek help from genies who act as shopkeepers offering upgrades and items.You'll have a whip and scimitar at your disposal to make your journey a bit easier. The whip allows you to disarm and grab enemies, and also swing across rooftops by grappling onto specific structures.City of Brass will launch for PC this fall, followed by a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release in 2018.Continue reading…

Source: Ex-BioShock Devs Announce City of Brass

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