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[VideoGamer] Preview: The Crew 2 preview: you can dive bomb New York in a Porsche

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Preview: The Crew 2 preview: you can dive bomb New York in a Porsche

I feel the headline captures the most important points.                            In The Crew 2, sequel to 2014's open world racer The Crew, you can switch between flying a plane, driving a car, or piloting a boat whenever you want to. This doesn't mean stopping, getting out of your car, and getting into a boat. This means you press a button and whatever you're in changes to whatever you choose from a radial quick select of land, sea, or sky. You can be flying above the financial district of New York and dive bomb the tarmac in a Porsche. Or turn your Porsche into a boat and sit lamely in the middle of the street, laughing at yourself. There is no explanation for this. You can just do it. Because why not?Currently, the only let down to this is that the vehicle re-frames, rather than doing an amazing unfolding act like a transformer. But Ubi is still working on The Crew 2, so there's time. The four hub areas in the world aren't done, for example, and you can see some jagged edges here and there on some textures — maybe as a shadow falls across the bonnet of your super car. But, for the most part, The Crew 2 is looking good, and is a visual improvement upon the original (especially in the environments). It's a bit unfinished right now, sure, but we can't really hold that against pre-alpha gameplay.Though the trailer, like trailers for many racing games, is pretty standard, emphasising how cool all those shit-hot drag racing cars and speed boats are, in practice The Crew 2 doesn't seem to be taking itself very seriously. So yeah, there are gleaming super cars, but rather than belching a Clarkson-esque 'The acceleration is like making love to a horse with a V12 up its arse,' the game whispers 'Okay, try doing a 180 handbrake turn in the middle of a four lane road. Or don't, or whatever. Wanna do a speedboat race instead?'Read More »


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