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[VideoGamer] News: Pokémon Go update adds co-op raids and redesigned gyms

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News: Pokémon Go update adds co-op raids and redesigned gyms

You will keep catching them all until they're all good and caught                            The phenomenon that is Pokémon Go first launched on mobile almost twelve months ago and this Summer it's getting a massive update as developer Niantic adds co-op multiplayer and changes the way gyms work, quite drastically.Multiplayer raids are one of the major new features coming to the game — public and private raids will be available. Basically, it allows a player to join up to 19 others in order to defeat a larger, tougher boss. These bosses will pop out of eggs that appear at the various gyms across the map. Once they hatch, players will have five minutes to defeat the powerful Pocket Monster, and then capture it in a Pokéball.You can also earn a whole host of new items through raids: Golden Razz Berries, which help catch wild Pokémon; Rare Candies, which become an extra candy when used on a Pokémon; Premiere Balls that enable you to catch the boss Pokémon; and Charged and Fast technical machines, which give you the opportunity to teach one of your Pokémon a random new move.Read More »


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