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[IGN] PS4’s Spider-Man Understands What Makes a Great Hero

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PS4’s Spider-Man Understands What Makes a Great Hero

Insomniac is telling a story that’s as much about Peter Parker as Spider-Man, and the struggles that come with trying to balance both roles.      It’s a classic Spider-Man scene: Peter Parker is chasing after a bad guy. The dude has a decent head start, but Peter is slowly closing the gap. Web over web, turn after turn, he’s catching up. He’s going to get him.Then, SNAP!, a huge piece of debris disconnects from a building, hurtling toward the streets below. Peter can stop it, but the guy he’s chasing will get away. If he pushes ahead to catch the guy and ignores the debris, hundreds of people below could be at risk. He has to decide what to do. Now.Decisions like that have always defined Peter Parker, and the choices he makes define the type of hero he is. The mantra has become a cliche, but with great power doescome great responsibility. Peter Parker doesn’t take these decisions lightly. And Insomniac isn’t taking them lightly either.Continue reading…

Source: PS4’s Spider-Man Understands What Makes a Great Hero

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