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[VideoGamer] News: Destiny 2 on PC is 'built from the ground up'

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News: Destiny 2 on PC is 'built from the ground up'

'This isn't a port'                            Destiny 2 Community Manager David Dague spoke to Gamespot about the PC version of the eagerly-anticipated sequel, and how it isn't a port of the console edition.'This isn't a port,' Dague said, 'The PC version of Destiny 2 is built from the ground up to be awesome on that platform and to look amazing and to play fluidly and to support the types of features that PC gamers expect.'While Dague didn't say that it's the best version of Destiny 2, instead saying where you play with friends is best, the PC version has an uncapped frame rate, compared to Xbox and PlayStation's 30 FPS. Read More »


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