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[IGN] Super Mario Odyssey Hands-On Preview

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Super Mario Odyssey Hands-On Preview

Mario is journeying far from the Mushroom Kingdom in his latest adventure, with some surprising, weird, and wonderful results.      Travel is said to broaden the mind. But when you’re Mario, it’s liable to transform you into a T-rex, a tank, a ball of electricity or fire, and sometimes a weird squat plant creature with telescopic vegetation legs. (I’ll try to explain that one later.)Super Mario Odyssey has been referred to as Mario’s return to the sandbox, a successor to Mario 64 and Sunshine. But 'sandbox' isn’t the right word, says Nintendo. In Japan, they use the word hakoniwa, a form of miniature gardening. The idea is to create an intricate and stylised landscape, where every element is placed with care and though. This is the philosophy shaping Odyssey’s Kingdoms. So while a single area isn’t huge – you can triple-jump your way across New Donk City in a few minutes – thanks to this concentrated, considered design, it feels far bigger.Continue reading…

Source: Super Mario Odyssey Hands-On Preview

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